Standard Provincial Welding Procedures Program

This program is available to all UA affiliated firms; eliminates the need for individual firms to have their own in-house procedures written and approved; and eliminates the need for a welder to be retested each time he/she is hired by a new employer.

All Participants must have signed and returned the attached “Participant Declaration Form” to MCAO; and have received approval for participation back from MCA Ontario.

When a welder is certified to one of the provincial procedures, he/she can weld to that procedure when employed by any UA affiliated firm across the province (that has signed the attached Participant Declaration Form) without having to be retested under that procedure again for a one-year period.

To begin participating in the program: Complete and sign the Participant Declaration Formand fax it to the MCAO Office at 905-856-0385. A copy of the current procedures will immediately thereafter be sent to you along with notice of your approval as a participant.  Once you have received approval as a participant and wish to have employees tested on any of the procedures, contact your local MCA Zone Office regarding when and where tests are being conducted in your area.

Welders that are successful will be presented with their certificates at time of testing.  Alternatively, you can check the TSSA and schedule tests on your own/at your choice of another designated facility.

Please be sure to regularly review and strictly adhere to the  “Employer’s Responsibilities”.




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All Welding Procedures are now available online to all Members participating in the MCA Ontario’s Welding Program.

In order to access the MCA Ontario’s Welding Procedures a username and password is required. One will be provided to all who are participating members and have completed and signed the Declaration Form.

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