Our Objectives

  • To provide leadership and assistance to members of the unionized mechanical contracting industry;
  • To encourage, support and promote the advancement of the unionized mechanical contracting industry, primarily in the Province of Ontario;
  • To promote and maintain improved methods of business;
  • To represent the members and non-members who authorize the Corporation to act on their behalf with professional bodies and related associations;
  • To represent the mechanical contracting industry of Ontario to the Government of Ontario;
  • To foster and encourage with the Provincial Government such legislation as may be necessary for the best interest of the public and mechanical contracting industry;
  • To represent all contractors whom the Association has the authority to represent in negotiations, general application and administration and the interpretation of collective agreements, and the arbitration of labour disputes;
  • To be an accredited employer’s organization under the Labour Relations Act;
  • To raise money, and to grant rights and privileges to contractors.