Industry Acronyms

We’ve put together a list of the most common acronyms in the construction industry.

ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution
APEO Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario
BBS Bulletin Board Service
BSC Business Steering Committee
C of Q Certificate of Qualification
CCA Canadian Construction Association or
Construction Coordinating Agency
CCDC Canadian Construction Document Committee
CECCO Construction Employers Coordinating Council of Ontario
CEO Consulting Engineers of Ontario
CIACO Construction Industry Advisory Council of Ontario
CISC Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
CLFDB Canadian Labour Force Development Board
CMCEF Canadian Mechanical Contractors Education Foundation
COCA Council of Ontario Construction Associations
CPCCA Canadian Pneumatic Control Contractors Association
CSAO Construction Safety Association of Ontario
CSC Construction Specifications Canada
CSCO Construction Sectoral Council of Ontario
DCN Daily Commercial News
ECAO Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario
ECWC Employers’ Council on Workers’ Compensation
EPSCA The Electrical Power Systems Construction Association
HCA Hamilton Construction Association
IBC Insurance Bureau of Canada
ICA Industrial Construction Association
MBS Management Board Secretariat
MCAA Mechanical Contractors Association of America
MCAC Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
MIAC Mechanical Industry Advisory Committee
MOL Ministry of Labour
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets
MTBC Mechanical Trades Bargaining Committee
NAPHCC National Association of Plumbing Heating & Cooling Contractors
OBC Ontario Building Code
OBDC Ontario Bid Depository Council
OCCA Ontario Control Contractors Association
OCA Ottawa Construction Association
OCS Ontario Construction Secretariat
OEA Office of the Employers’ Advisory (for WCB)
OFL Ontario Federation of Labour
OGCA Ontario General Contractors Association
OHBA Ontario Home Builders’ Association
OHSA Occupational Health & Safety Act
OITAB Ontario Industry Training & Adjustment Board
OJSPC Ontario Joint Standard Practice Committee
OLRB Ontario Labour Relations Board
OPIA Ontario Plumbing Inspectors Association
OPTC Ontario Pipe Trades Council
OSM & AHG Ontario Sheet Metal & Air Handling Group
OTAB Ontario Training Adjustment Board
PAC Political Action Committee or Provincial Advisory Committee
RLR Reciprocal Licensing Review Board
TCA Toronto Construction Association
TQA Trades Qualification Act
WCAT Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal
WSIB Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
WHMIS Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
WHSA Workplace Health and Safety Association