Employer’s Responsibilities

Under MCA Ontario’s Standard Provincial Welding Procedures Program

1. Advise all Personnel connected with field operations of welding procedures.
2. Post both this notice and Procedures in conspicuous place on job or in shop
3. Ensure welders are tested under the MCAO program’s procedures annually.
4. Ensure procedure being used is proper application for materials being welded.
5. Ensure that welding inspector is advised of use prior to welding.
6. Ensure that client accepts MCAO’s standards prior to welding.
7. Ensure that welder is fully conversant with procedure requirements (i.e. type of electrode,
amperage range, technique, etc.)
8. Ensure that electrodes (especially low hydrogen) are kept in proper dry containers prior to

1. Do not use a standard welding procedure unless you are using it within the Province of
Ontario, and have met the necessary requirements.
2. Do not use MCAO’s standard provincial welding procedures unless you are a UA affiliated
Contractor and completed a signed declaration of indemnification in favor of MCAO.
3. Do not substitute electrode, current, technique, etc.
4. Do not use damp electrodes (low hydrogen).
5. Do not assume that a welder has proper certification to weld using the standard procedures.
It is your responsibility to check the welder’s qualifications.
6. Do not proceed with welding until you are sure that the procedure is correct for the


NOTE: The above are to be used as general guidelines and are not to be viewed as all that is