MCAO Safety Group Members Receive $10 Million in WSIB Rebates!

2013 marked MCAO’s twelfth year as a sponsoring organization of the WSIB’s (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s) extremely successful “Safety Group Program”.

Over this time, MCAO “Participating Firms” have achieved total rebates (from the WSIB) of $10,000,000– all of which has been shared among them (proportionate to their overall work activity).

Members of our group perform better.  Our frequency is 83% lower and severity 88% lower than the construction industry average.

The value realized by participants in the program (in the form of significantly improved safety policy, practices and awareness)…. echoes the true success of our Safety Group (which focus on peers sharing “best practices”, and collectively learning new techniques to enhance safety across their operations).

MCAO strongly encourages you to sign up for this highly successful program in 2014. The MCAO Safety Group provides Mechanical Contractors with the opportunity to work together on implementing prevention programs designed to reduce workplace accidents/injuries.

If we are able to have at least 10 firms join in your zone, we will support a local chapter!

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